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Week: 2013.01.13 – 2013.01.19

** Kim Jaejoong’s “I” Mini-Album was released on January 17th, and topped GAON Weekly Album Chart after just 3 days in release.

** The Gaon Album Chart are a set national charts that ranks the best-selling albums, including mini-albums and singles, in South Korea, provided by the Korea Music Content Industry Association. The charts are made up of charts tracking domestic album sales, international album sales and a combined overall album sales in weekly, monthly and year-end format.

Source: GAON + Wikipedia
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Kim Junsu and his fans’ donation work is just as amazing as him becoming the double award winner of the Golden Ticket Awards

Kim Junsu of JYJ has become a double award winner of the Eighth Golden Ticket Awards. Even though idol singers trying out musicals have become some sort of a trend, Junsu is unique in a sense that no one else has been as active and successful as him. An important fact here is that his receiving two awards is not a mere act of fan service to please his idol fandom.

What is interesting about the Golden Ticket Awards is that this award is to celebrate ticket power. It is an award that shows true worthiness of successful musicals in a sense that the awards are given to so-called money-generating musicals. It is interesting to see that Kim Junsu received two very specialized awards such as Male…

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Kim Jaejoong kembali sebagai rocker dengan solo albumnya ‘I’.

Dalam sebuah wawancara di sebuah kafe di Gwanghwamun, Kim Jaejoong ditanya apakah dia lebih suka tubuh yang berotot atau tubuh yang ramping, dan dia menjawab “Jika saya hanya fokus kepada kegiatan bermusik saya, saya masih akan memiliki tubuh yang berotot.”

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